Tips on How to Win Big in Football Betting

Tips on How to Win Big in Football Betting

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Millions of people are betting on various sport events every day, but have you questioned yourself how can I be successful in betting? In this series of articles, we are going to explain you the fundamentals of how to develop your own football betting strategy.

Bankroll management

This is the most important thing for every punter that wants to take betting seriously and become consistently successful at betting.
If you lose it all you can’t play, it’s simple as that. If you will take away something from this article let it be this: always make sure you are playing with money you can afford to lose.
For recreational bettors, we would recommend setting some money aside you are comfortable losing and betting no more than 10% of your betting bankroll on each bet.

More advanced and experienced punters that want to make steady income on the side should stick with no more than 5%, unless they are willing to risk a good portion of their bankroll when things start going in the wrong direction, and sometimes they do, but that is just part of the business and even the best predictions fail anyone can experience big downswings.
Professionals that use sports betting to make a living should bet no more than 1-2% to avoid risk of ruin, but they should already know that.

Take the best odds

If you ever questioned yourself what is a mathematical method for a successful football bet? It is pretty simple, but many people neglect the math in their football betting strategy.
The way bookmakers are making money is by putting betting margins on the bets they are offering and the odds are calculated accordingly to the chances.
If you want to beat them you have to start with minimizing their advantage.

Considering that the best long-term punters have returns on their investments of around 10%, choosing the best odds for every bet is extremely important to become a successful bettor and maximize your profits.

The best option would be to have money available in several different bookmakers to always take advantage of the best odds and bonuses that they offer because those things add up quickly and can turn a loser into a winner.
A quick example would be If we place 10 bets of 100€ each and 6 of them win:
1.75 odds – 100 x (6 x 1.75) = 1050€ or 50€ profit
1.65 odds – 100 x (6 x 1.65) = 990€ or 10€ loss

Do your research and pick your bets wisely

There are many excellent sources on the internet where you can check statistics, past games and that give reviews of the matches.
Always consider all the factors of the game before placing your bet.

Team form, head to head comparison, injured and suspended players, extreme weather conditions, the importance of the game and so on.
If you are unsure of your bet, it is best to just not put it at all.

Don’t let your emotions take over

Never let your emotions take over when things aren’t going your way. Bad runs happen and it is normal, but do not try to chase your losses by simply gambling on random games, this is not how you will make money in the long run.
Writing about this reminded me of a guy that once told me how after he got unlucky with his bets, the same night he was live betting on female volleyball in China. Unless you are an expert in that, just don’t do it.

Combining too many bets together

We all know that awesome feeling of predicting correctly multiple games and banking a nice win and there is nothing wrong with combining a few bets together into a multiple bet, but unless you are feeling like playing bingo you should not combine more than 2-3 bets together. Otherwise, you are just increasing your variance and effectively increasing the size of your bets, because it is the same as taking the whole win of your previous bet and placing it on the next one.