Overcoming Unsuccessful Series in Football Betting

Overcoming Unsuccessful Series in Football Betting


Understand that losing series do happen

Anyone who bets on sports events with some degree of regularity has fallen into the bottomless pit of the bad series at least once. There is no doubt that it is very enjoyable to enter a series of winning bets, but the reality is that even the most successful bettors, those who have shown the ability to make long-term profits over the years have had losing streaks at some stage of their career.

However, if you lose your entire bank, there is something fundamentally wrong in your sports betting strategy and bankroll management (ie, how much money you bet on a single bet) and / or your criteria for choosing the things you are betting on. On the other hand, if a losing streak does not cost you all the money on the bill, it may not be that bad thing. Each losing series is a good opportunity to review both your bankroll management strategy and the process of choosing the selections for your bets. If you find that you do not have a problem with these two things, and you find that the bad series is the only product of the variance in sports betting, you can safely continue to bet and make your way through bad times, returning to the wave of victory. But if you find a problem and inconsistency in them, and you do not really have any betting theory on which to base your strategy, now is the time to make the necessary changes before you go bankrupt. In our site you will find many articles that will help you improve your theoretical training for football betting so you can learn what is the right way to do things.

Take a break

As we have said, even the best professional bettors go through series of losing bets, but the way they deal with them distinguishes them from amateurs.

Imagine that you are a football manager who has just seen his team lose in extra time in a cup final. The last thing you would like to do is wait a few minutes after the last referee’s signal and then immediately start a new tense match. The team needs a break, and you need time to rethink your tactics, evaluate the damage, and pick the players who will be able to win in the next game.

The exact same principles should apply when you have to deal with losing betting series. If you feel the losing series has emotionally influenced you and makes you make mistakes, just give yourself some time to rest. Take a few days to figure out why you took these wrong decisions. There is no player in the world who has won bets by placing badly explored bets or not following a correct bankroll management plan.

There is nothing wrong with giving yourself a few days to rest. Refresh yourself and come back when you feel ready.

Analyze the history of your bets

If you come across a really long losing series, as a result of which your bank drops to unacceptable levels, there must be something fundamentally wrong. The thing you certainly should not do is try to undo your losses throwing in unreasonably made new bets. Rather, you should review your history in the bookmaker (most bookmakers keep track of your bets for months and even years back) and if you look carefully enough you will see where you are wrong.

A good method to use during the review of previous bets is to analyze the approach used to place a bet. Have you adhered to your bankroll management plan? Have you analyzed the specific event the way you should do it? Be honest with yourself. If you have not adhered to the correct bankroll management (for example, you have placed too large portion of your bankroll on a single bet) or the correct betting approach, take a note even if the specific bet has been profitable. Why? Because when you do not stick to your plan, you will lose money. Some of the bets may be profitable, but most of them will incur losses. There is no better way to create a betting discipline and overcome the losing streak than seeing the “cold” facts.

Do not cower

This may sound rough, but staying with you head high will help you go through unpleasant moments. As we noted earlier, losing series do happen, even when you are doing everything the right way. So, whether you’re in a losing or winning series, if you’re doing everything the right way, keep going on. Stick to the process. Stick to your plan. If you make your bets the right way, you will overcome the abyss of failure and get to the other end with even greater confidence.

hidden success momentary disappointment

Yes, the losing streaks are hard to bear, especially the first few times in your betting career. You will feel overwhelmed by doubt, you might think that your good results until now have been out of pure luck and that you may not be a winning player in the long run. But once you realize that the bad series are part of the game and that they do not have to change your habits, you will start getting much easier through them. If several consecutive lost bets make you change your strategy without finding any significant mistakes in it, the only sure thing is the failure. So when the negative series comes, be bold.

Get Over it

Prepare and get ready for the next bet. And do not forget that after every storm the sun rises and after every dusk comes the dawn. If you do the right things, keep doing them. If you find a hole in your strategy, fill it and return to the game with new strength.