Importance of the Football Betting Bankroll Management

Importance of the Football Betting Bankroll Management


Being successful at betting in the long term actually depends on a few important skills you must develop. First of all, you need to analyze and find value in the odds you put your bets on. The second most important thing is managing your bankroll while optimizing value and minimizing risk.
In order to recognize the value of a particular bet it comes to two things – using statistics analyzation, and second, but sometimes very important, is the feel in the gut. Let’s keep the gut factor to the minimum though.

What does bankroll mean

Simply put, your bankroll is the amount of money you have decided to invest/risk (one doesn’t exclude the other in betting – there is always risk, even in the safest bets). It’s important to start with an adequate amount, what we recommend is at least 100 units of the most commonly used currencies in the bookmakers – USD, EURO and GBP, as for start. Whatever it is, it must allow your stake betting pattern to achieve consistent profit growth.

Never ever play with money you can’t really afford losing! We can’t stress enough on this. It takes time and discipline to teach yourself patience and to develop the right mindset. Applying the basic fundamentals every time leads to a state of mind where you no longer succumb to passion, anger and other negative emotions that usually ruin your bankroll.

Setting up expectations towards your gambling money management

Before we continue comes the right time for us to say you should set some realistic expectations or to reassess them if you decided you are going to get rich fast and leave your job tomorrow – don’t do it. You are not going to win millions, not even thousands in a short term manner, because here we are not going for any jackpots or lottery gambling.

Unfortunately there is no betting system that provides an ultimate success rate, but following our advice, an adequate football betting money management system and correct betting fundamentals application will grant you prosperity in your gambling experience. There is a very thin line between success and failure and our job is to try and keep you on the right side, but it also depends on you and your actions!

If you are novice bettor we would recommend betting 5% of your bankroll on each bet. This will be a good starting point. When you become more experienced and start recognizing real value you can start experimenting with Kelly criterion.

Bet smart and learn to accept loss

There will be ups and downs you will get in good sessions but you might also get into bad ones, that’s inevitable. And to be honest, if you are a hard loser you will have to deal with it in order to be a successful bettor.

Bet sensibly

Don’t just throw away your bankroll at virtual hound races for example. When you decide to place a bet do your researches beforehand. Focus on the leagues and countries that you already have knowledge of and choose the right stakes according to the bet value.

Do not exceed your financial possibilities

You don’t want to end up wondering why you can’t pay the bills at the end of the month right? Depending on your steady monthly income, decide what amount would be best for you to set aside for your football betting bankroll and stick to it, If it happens that you lose, just wait for the next month. Believe us, we have all been there at a certain point and it’s not worth struggling just because you couldn’t stick to your personal potential out of greed. Be Patient.