Bankroll Builder

Bankroll Builder


In the Bankroll Builder section we are going to show our followers that with discipline and good research you can make steady profit over long period of time.

Rules of the Bankroll Builder:

The bets placed will be given as free tips or membership predictions with some additional bets if we decide so.
Most bets will be placed as Singles, to minimize variance
Starting Bankroll: 1000€ and we will be using 5% flat betting strategy for most bets which in our case would be 50€ per bet. If we manage to successfully grow our bank, we will start increasing the stakes.
Results and updates will be posted on our Instagram and

05.06.17 Update

We had a really nice start with lots of wins.
Total 18 bets, 14 Wins 1 Draw and 3 Lost

Total profit +502.03€

Flat betting strategy is betting the same amount on each of your bets.