Asian Handicap Explained

Asian Handicap Explained


Starting with the shortest and simplest explanation, Asian Handicap (AH) is a popular way to bet on the outcome of football matches (and not only) where the options you can choose are reduced from 3 to 2 (bet on Host or guest). Many sites say in their descriptions of the Asian handicap that the draw is eliminated, “which is not exactly the case – it is not possible to bet exactly on equality but equality can bring you a loss or profit depending on the type of Asian For many reasons, Asian handicap is considered to be the best and best paid way to bet on football matches because:

Obviously it’s- easier to choose from two options than three.

Better profits.

With Fixed Odds (1X2) the standard payout in bookmakers is somewhere around 92-95% of the bets made in the best cases, while the Asian Handicap comes to 97-98%. This is a very big difference that gives you the chance to find bets with much easier value and get a better return in the long run.

Asian handicap leads to more flexible and balanced betting.

For fixed odds bets on the 1X2 market, players are often forced to bet big favorites at low odds or to try hard-to-achieve bets for big outsiders. When you use this kind of bets, you have the chance to bet on decent odds for both teams and have an approximately 50% chance of winning, which makes it very easy to manage money.

There are very good strategies for playing Asian handicap.


How it works?

“Handicap” means a fictitious starting lead given to one of the teams (in most cases the outsider) – the virtual handicap in the Asian Handicap can be 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.25, 1.5 and so on. The player has the right to choose whether the favorite will win the handicap or the outsider will be able to keep his virtual lead. Also, the Asian handicap can also be 0 goals, ie no advantage is given to either team. Things may seem a little complicated at first glance, but in reality it’s not hard to understand.

Asian Handicap bets are settled by adding the handicap to the actual outcome of the match. For example, if Southampton’s team has received a 0.5 goals goal against Everton (Southampton +0.5) and the match ends in a draw, the Southampton bet will be a half-goal win. Everton’s stakes will be profitable if Everton wins no matter what the outcome is, that’s simple. When we have a -1.5 handicap, the favorite must win with at least two different hits to win the handicap (with a true 2: 0 score, the bet is 2: 1.5). With 0, 1 and 2 Asian handicaps, the bet result can be a virtual draw and in this case the bets are returned and you do not make any profit or loss. For example, if you have bet on Manchester United with an AH -1 goal and the Red Devils win with just one goal difference, the result of the bet is a draw and your bet will be returned.

HandicapTeam ResultBet ResultHandicapTeam ResultBet Result
DrawStake RefundDrawStake Refund
DrawHalf WinDrawHalf Lose
+0.75WinWin-0.75Win by 2+Win
DrawWinWin by 1Half Win
Lose by 1Half LoseDrawLose
Lose by 2+LoseLoseLose
+1.00WinWin-1.00Win by 2+Win
DrawWinWin by 1Stake Refund
Lose by 1Stake RefundDrawLose
Lose by 2+LoseLoseLose
+1.25WinWin-1.25Win by 2+Win
DrawWinWin by 1Half Lose
Lose by 1Half WinDrawLose
Lose by 2+LoseLoseLose
+1.50WinWin-1.50Win by 2+Win
DrawWinWin by 1Lose
Lose by 1WinDrawLose
Lose by 2+LoseLoseLose
+1.75WinWin-1.75Win by 3+Win
DrawWinWin by 2Half Win
Lose by 1WinWin by 1Lose
Lose by 2Half LoseDrawLose
Lose by 3+LoseLoseLose
+2.00WinWin-2.00Win by 3+Win
DrawWinWin by 2Stake Refund
Lose by 1WinWin by 1Lose
Lose by 2Stake RefundDrawLose
Lose by 3+LoseLoseLose

In fact, many of the Asian handicap lines make the bet the same with other types of bets – AH -0.5 equals a bet to win a given team, AH 0 is equal to the “Draw No Bet” bet, AH +0.5 is tantamount to You bet for the team with “Double chance” and -1.5 AH is equivalent to a bet for a win with a traditional 0: 1 handicap. More about these and many other types of bets can be found in our “Types of Soccer Bets in Bookmakers”. Although they mean the same thing, if you choose to place the Asian handicap bet you will get a better odds, which is one of its main advantages.
Before moving on, it is very important to note that Asian Handicap bets on live bets usually apply only for the remaining time, not for the 90 minutes of the match. Do not forget to check the bookmaker’s rules on this issue.

AX with quarters (divided into two bets)

We have already gone through the basics of Asian handicap betting, which is certainly not difficult to assimilate. The only challenge for the mind comes when you see an Asian handicap that is not a whole number or with halves but with quarters. Lines -0,25 or +1,75 are probably a bit strange and confusing.

We have not accidentally identified them as divided into two bets. When betting on a line with a quarter, -0.75, for example, the bet is divided into two between the two closest lines with a half or an integer – in the case of -0.5 and -1. Many bookmakers give a hint to their players and visualize -0.75 odds like “-0.5, -1”. For example, if you bet € 10 to a -0.75 (-0.5, -1) Asian handicap, you are betting € 5 to -0.5 AH and € 5 to -1 AH. If the team you are betting defeats 2: 1, 1/2 of the bet (5 €) is profitable, while the other 1/2 of it will be returned to you.

Another example to make it even clearer – let’s say you have bet € 50 to Turin +0.25 (0, +0.5) against Sassuolo at odds 1.80. If Turin wins, it is obvious that the whole bet is profitable and you will get 90 €. If the match ends with a draw, one half of the bet is profitable (€ 25 x 1.80 = €45), and the remaining € 25 of the bet will You will be refunded, so you will generally earn 70 €. On the other hand, if we had bet for Sassuolo -0.25 (0, -0.5), half of the bet would have been a loser (-0.5 handicap), while the other half Be returned (0 handicap).

Asian Handicap Goals (bets on the total number of games scored) are similar to classic Under / Over bets, but you have a much wider selection of lines such as Under / Over 1.75 Goals, Under / Over 2.25 Goals, N. The principle is the same – the bet is divided into two. For example, if you bet for Under 2.75 goals and the match ends 2: 1, you will get back half of your bet; If you bet for Under 2.25 goals and the result of the match is 1: 1, half of your bet is winning and the money on the other half returns.

In this article about asian handicap betting we explained how and when exactly it should be used best. Good luck with your bets!