Asian Handicap Betting Strategy

Asian Handicap Betting Strategy


Once you understand the basics of the Asian handicap (if you do not target them first, Asian Handicap Betting it is time to set up an appropriate strategy to apply for your Asian

Handicap betting markets.

In order to get the most out of Asian handicap betting, you have to adapt your way of thinking to the changed conditions that make the lines a handicap.
We would advise you to follow the following tips as a starting point for your Asian Handicap bets.

Analyze both teams and match in detail

This may sound like more than obvious advice, but you really need to get acquainted with all the circumstances surrounding the match you will bet on, because the handicap markets are very specific.

Betting Chelsea to beat Crystal Palace in the 1X2 market is a lot different than betting for them at -1.5 goals in Asian handicap.
You have to ask yourself the following questions:

Are there important news about Chelsea?
Could the goal be expected to be limited due to injuries of important players?
Will the team have a strong motivation for the match?
Do Chelsea have an important match a few days after?
Maybe Chelsea will have a crucial Champions League match just three days after this game. Do you really think that Chelsea or any other team in this situation would be trying to score a second goal if they are already leading 1-0? Probably not, so The probability of covering the handicap is very low. By the same token, the team may come back from a heavy visit to Europe and be tired of this match. When players in a team are tired and have no strength, they try to win in the most saving way possible.

All this information must be taken into consideration before you make your bets. You can quickly find that you have changed your initial opinion and already think that the value is in the Crystal Palace bet with a +1.5 virtual goal advantage – when even Chelsea to win the match with a goal difference, your bet will still Be profitable.

Oppose the leader in live bets

A proven strategy that often brings success to our team is based on making bets on the losing team at live betting on football matches.

It is generally known that when a team takes the lead in a football match, it is more likely that it will allow the next goal. This is due to several different reasons – the teams that are the leaders in the result, subconsciously start playing with less motivation, and at the same time the losing teams start to attack more and show greater desire for victory.

Here’s an example of using this strategy in a live game:

Midlesbrough 1-0 Stoke City (30 ‘minute)

The odds for the Asian Handicap market with line 0.25 at this point were as follows:

Middlesbrough -0.25 = 1.95
Stoke City +0.25 = 1.75 odds
Here we would be tempted to bet for Stoke City +0.25 (first of all, we should remind you that the Asian Handicap Live betting markets work on the assumption that the score is 0: 0 at the moment – that is, Only what will happen until the end of the match).
Stoke City was very likely to push and score the next goal, even if they did not, and the result was the same, half the stake would be returned. After all, the match ended with a 1: 1 score.
You have to put some logic and make prognosis of the game development and you must use matches for the purposes of the strategy that are between equal teams – do not apply it on matches between top teams against teams from the bottom of the table!
You will not enjoy very large odds using this strategy, but at least your success rate is expected to be high.

Do not look at the AH odds before you make a match analysis

We always advise people to make a judgment on the game before looking at the odds on the handicap lines. You always have to judge the games and build an idea of ​​what result you expect to get before you check the odds – this is especially important for Asian handicap betting.

If you do not take our advice, you will often be misled by the odds and handicap lines. You can see that Manchester United gets a low odds against MK Dons from the League Cup at AH -2.5, but that does not mean that the Red Devils will be able to cover the line.

Find “fake favorites” and bet against them with Asian handicap.

Another great way to get the most out of Asian handicap markets is to find fake favorites and bet for their opponents.
As the Asian handicap is made to balance matches, if you can find a favorite that is overestimated by bookmakers, you can use this as your advantage and bet for the outsider at +0.5 AH – meaning that if the favorite fails Win, the bet is winning.

An example of such bets may be opposing the big teams (Bayern, Chelsea, Juventus, etc.) in matches where they have nothing to play – for example, season-end matches against teams struggling to survive Or a place in Europe.

Bookmakers give low rates for big teams regardless of the “motivation” factor, but at some points they can be defined as “fake favorites.”
The value is sometimes in favorites.
Although the above tips have shown you different ways to use bets for outsiders in Asian handicaps, this does not mean that value can only be found with them. You do not always have to miss -1.5 or -2 handicap when there are teams of really different sizes.

If you get a good -2AX odds for Barcelona or Real Madrid against a team from the bottom of the table, it’s almost always a good bet because these teams often defeat such opponents.